Saturday, November 21, 2009

High School Art Stuff

So I'm starting my blog with my High School Art Work..... I really got into printmaking and sketchbooking.


drypoint on plexiglass titled HazyDreams

This is a four print series I did on the different stages of repressed women in society. The first one in the archetype, Bone Woman, the original wild loving ancient spirit of woman.

Here she is wild and content.

This one, my favorite, she is now clothed, conforming, but still wild.

Here she has conformed to societies standards and is repressed emotionally and sexually. The walls around her confiding, cracked and empty.


This zinc etching was about an ancient South American belief that all the vegetables came from a woman who dies giving birth to two twin boys.

This is a drawing about Folklore and the tradition of storytelling.

A sculpture of a fOXY Lady

A drawing about different cultures.

A piece about Relligion

..uhhh....It was just fun to draw.....

A piece I did for the NAACP ACT-SO Competition back in 2007 3ft x 5 ft. It was about how we are all one. We all look alike, though we come from different backgrounds.

An etching about answering the call of the wild.

My final and favorite senior print.

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