Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Most New Amazing Best Thing Ever!!! Old Fangs

So I just found out about a great new animated short called Old Fangs by Adrien Merigeau and Alan Holly. They got funding help from Cartoon Saloon. (The same people who made Secret of Kells!)
They were listed on Motionographer because they did so well at the Sundance Festival.
The shots are beautiful and innovative.
The story simple yet so emotionally powerful.
The animation is gorgeous and invigorating.
I love the style and subtleties.
It totally strengthened my love for animation.

But this animation, also made me wonder why must America be so commercial? This short was possible because other countries consider Art important, and fund animations because they view them as valid medium of expression. No less important than as painting or photography. Yet in America, it is only viewed as something for children.
I view animation as an infinite medium, dealing with sound, timing, movement, light, color, storytelling, style, voice, etc. If adult spend such countless time slaving over a story to tell. Why is it then only for children. Children animated TV have had a strong affect on me. If it wasn't for Tom and Jerry, Rocko's Modern World, CatDog, SpongeBob, etc I wouldn't have moved to here to S. Cal.
I feel like like there's something about cell and stop animation that computers can't emulate, but with the help of computer programs, and an innovative eye, they can reach a whole new level they've never reached before. Just like in this video.

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  1. i really enjoyed the secret of kells, and i liked this too :D
    thanks for letting me know about old fangs.